Why carbs
matter to you?

Carbs play a vital role in providing energy. If you’re wanting to feel good, perform well, and eat well then carbs are an important part of a healthy, balanced diet. While debates have raged on for years – some claiming carbs good, others claiming they’re bad – we’re not fans of demonising any food or macronutrient. However, a diet should promote healthful eating and this is where some carbs can be better than others.

Eat these most of the time


Fresh fruits

Fresh vegetables



 High in fiber and key vitamins and minerals

 Helps keep you full

 Help keep energy levels stable

Eat these less of the time

Candy & Desserts

Sodas & sugary drinks

Sugared cereals

Refined breads


 Low in fiber and key vitamins and minerals

 Won’t keep you satiated for long

 Calorie dense (large number of calories per serving)

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